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Atlas Negotiates Incentives for Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Central and South Central

Jobs: 45

Investment: $7+ million

Incentives: $1.68 million

Site Selection – Licensed Sales Center

Industry: Financial Services

Location: Mountain and Western U.S.

Jobs: Up to 600 new

Investment: $25 Million

Incentives: Over $10 Million

Big Desk
Site Selection – Processing Center

Industry: Financial Services

Location: Kansas / Missouri

Jobs: 200 new

Investment: $1 Million

Incentives: $10+ Million in Discretionary Incentives

ATM keypad
Atlas Negotiates Incentives for Major Financial Services Firm

Industry: Financial Services
Location: Southeastern U.S. / Western U.S.
Jobs: Over 500 New
Investment: $5 Million
Incentives: $6+ Million for each selected site

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