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Our Site Selection services utilize a proven, phased approach that provides companies with analysis, insight and guidance with their decisions on where to locate, expand, or consolidate. We examine the strategic, operational and financial implications of every location decision.

Water Supply Contractor

Our Site Selection roadmap helps companies choose an optimal site by:

–    Screening multiple locations
–    Analyzing labor
–    Evaluating advantages and disadvantages of potential locations
–    Identifying opportunities for business incentives
–    Assessing a project’s economic impact and its ROI
–    Examining market factors
–    Determining potential regulatory concerns (e.g., taxes, permitting, etc.)
–    Considering all political or legislative risks 


Our Site Selection professionals use Dual-Track Modeling to evaluate both quantitative factors (such as operating costs and offsetting incentives) and qualitative factors (such as infrastructure, access to suppliers and customers, labor quality and supply, etc.) This Dual-Track approach provides a comprehensive view of competing location options in terms of their relative operating cost-vs-quality of place profiles.

We believe that a company’s location choices must meet the needs of the individual business units while also supporting overall corporate goals.


With over 80 years of combined Site Selection project experience, our partners and team of experts will provide a Site Selection roadmap that adds incredible value to your decision-making process and your company’s bottom line.

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