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The best incentive package is only as good as the infrastructure put in place to administer, report, comply with, and claim the incentive. Atlas Insight stands apart with a dedicated Incentive Compliance team with decades of experience maximizing the credits and incentives awarded to clients, setting us apart in an industry often too focused on flashy incentive award packages, rather than ensuring true bottom-line impact. 


Statistics show that companies who go it alone – even those with strong real estate and tax departments – often fail to collect 50% of the credits and incentives for which they are eligible to receive. Few companies have the in-house resources or expertise to monitor and manage over 3,000 credit and incentive programs nationally. Many of these companies find that it is most cost effective to outsource this work to a firm with a dedicated tax credit and incentive compliance practice, such as Atlas Insight.

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As an added benefit, our clients enjoy exclusive access to AtlasViewTM, our proprietary, web-based incentive compliance portal.


Why is Incentive Compliance important?


  • Continuity Over the Life of the Incentive: Since most programs require on-going maintenance spanning multiple years, we provide our clients with a clearly defined compliance plan to ensure continuity throughout the reporting lifecycle in the event of internal turnover within our client’s corporate organization.

  • Recapture/Risk Management:  Many incentive programs require that a company make a commitment to create net new jobs or investment within a certain defined period. We closely monitor progress towards the company’s commitments to provide a strategic roadmap throughout the compliance process to reduce the risk of default that may require the company to pay back a portion or all of the realized incentives. We are also able to renegotiate incentive terms based on extenuating business circumstances.

  • Coordination between company resources: Multiple corporate functions may need to provide ongoing information to fully comply with incentive reporting requirements. These typically include, but are not limited to tax, real estate, facilities/operations and human resources. Successful incentive administration will require coordination between these functions to ensure that the required data is reported in an accurate and timely manner.

  • Audit Defense: Many incentive programs are subject to the possibility of a future audit. Atlas Insight stands by the quality of our work and we will fully represent and defend any audit against a claim.

Atlas Insight Incentive Compliance Services Include:

  • Exclusive Access to AtlasViewTM, Our Proprietary Web-based Client Incentive Portal

  • Turn-key Administration for Negotiated Incentives and Tax Credits

  • Access to a Dedicated Incentive Compliance Team

  • Employee & Investment Tracking

  • Monitor Legislative and Regulatory Changes

  • Annual & Quarterly Report Filings

  • Miscellaneous Report Filings

  • Accountability Reporting

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